We have a thorough experience in the areas of negotiation, settlements, litigation and arbitration in both civil and administrative affairs. We have handled and provided counsel on both complex and high impact cases on the following areas:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Contractual disputes
    Agency and distribution contracts
    Supply chain
    Lease and rental
    Insurance and reinsurance
  • Claims
    Civil liability and torts
    State liability
    Consumer protection
    Civil servant’s liability
  • Administrative proceedings
    Punitive proceedings
    Invalidation of administrative acts
  • Constitutional actions
    Class actions.
    Fundamental rights actions.

Notable Cases and Achievements

  • Representing a local product distribution corporation in an agency/distribution contract dispute
  • Representing an international postal services corporation regarding a misleading advertisement administrative proceeding before the national consumer protection authority
  • Representing a textile supplier regarding lost merchandise at a Latin-American Port
  • Representing civil servants in state liability disputes
  • Representing two Latin-American carriers in a judicial claim related with fuel contamination
  • Representing several airlines on consumer protection legal disputes
  • Representing an airline on a lease agreement legal dispute
  • Representing an airport operator on a bodily injury legal claim
  • Representing an aircraft seller in a warranty engine malfunction claim
  • Representing the reinsurers’ legal defense team of a public entity in multiple judicial claims related with an aircraft accident
  • Representing a private flight corporation regarding a legal battle related with a high-profile aircraft accident
  • Legal counsel regarding construction, trust, supply and equipment contracts
  • Advising the legal defense team of a tobacco company regarding an administrative measure that forbade the company to sell its products
  • Providing legal advice regarding a dispute between the shareholders of a healthcare corporation
  • Legal counsel and handling, via reinsurance, of an important number of claims of a Latin-American cargo carrier
  • Providing legal advice to an international law firm regarding the viability of filing a claim for the loss of merchandise of one of its key clients during maritime transport
  • Providing counsel and representing a food company in the handling of a loss related with lost merchandise under the framework of a maritime transport contract