We are recognized as a leading law firm in the aviation industry. Our expertise in this sector includes the following:

  • Regulatory
    Counsel in local and international aviation regulations.
    Advisory regarding traffic rights and international agreements.
    Operating authorizations and flight permits.
    Administrative proceedings for breach of aviation regulations.
    Reviewing air transport contracts terms and conditions.
    Reviewing draft bills and act proposals.
  • Civil and state liability
    Contentious legal advice and representation on both civil and state affairs for carriers, airport operators, insurers and reinsurers.
    Policy wording and insurance advisory.
  • Insurance
    Claims handling.
    Aircraft accidents.
    Coverage analysis.
  • Consumer protection
    Claims handling.
    Litigation on behalf of air carriers.
  • Aircraft financing, lease and purchase
    Advice on financing, lease and purchase structures as well as on international interests.
  • Training
    We provide training programs in our areas of expertise

Our clients include North American, Latin American, Asian and European carriers, international and Lloyd’s reinsurers, international and locally renowned law firms, local insurers and industry associations.

Notable Cases and Achievements

  • Obtaining operating authorizations before the national authority for international carriers based in Turkey, Mexico, Brazil and Canada
  • Legal representation and counsel in aeronautical affairs for domestic and international carriers, based in Colombia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Panama, Canada and Turkey, amongst others
  • Representing and advising important Latin-American carriers in administrative punitive proceedings before the national civil aviation authority
  • Representing and providing advice to international reinsurers who act on both the London and US markets on important and notable aircraft accidents and losses, through foreign law firms and adjusters
  • Representing and providing counsel to an aircraft lessor in the redelivery of 2 aircraft operated by a Latin-American carrier
  • Advising the reinsurers´ legal team of a United Arab Emirates based carrier about the viability of a domestic judicial claim regarding a foreign aircraft accident with Colombian victims
  • Local representation of the reinsurers’ legal defense team of a US carrier in the investigation of an event that took place on the ramp of a Colombian airport.
  • Providing counsel to a Latin-American carrier on the planning of its fuel contractual scheme
  • Providing legal advice to a Latin-American carrier in the viability of filing a claim for the damages that an aircraft sustained due to bad maintenance of the airport’s infrastructure
  • Providing counsel to both Latin-American and European carriers on the legal effects of Annex 9 to the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation regarding migratory affairs
  • Providing legal advice to a carrier regarding its aircraft fleet
  • Representing a cargo Latin-American carrier in a legal dispute concerning the traffic permits granted by the civil aviation authority
  • Providing advice to a Latin-American carrier regarding the public policy of jet fuel importation and the impact in its international price
  • Representing a private aircraft operator in a legal dispute regarding an aircraft accident
  • Providing advice to a renowned transport app and service provider about the viability of implementing non-scheduled passenger air transportation services
  • Advising a Latin-American carrier in matters related with the implementation of CORSIA
  • Advising a Latin-American carrier conglomerate regarding the viability of implementing an aircraft exchange scheme
  • Training the customer service section of a Latin-American carrier in matters related with consumer protection in the aviation industry
  • Training an airport operator on aviation insurance and airport activity civil liability
  • Training an European carrier on aircraft financing
  • Preparing a contractual structure for a logistics service provider who also acts as a middleman for non-scheduled passenger aviation services
  • Reviewing, participating and providing advice for the drafting of bills and acts related with the aviation sector, especially those included in Colombia´s Aeronautical Regulations (RAC)